Cardano Reacts Positively to Vasil Fork Activation

Cardano reacts positively to Vasil fork activation

Altcoins Cardano reacts positively to the activation of the Vasil fork July 04, 2022, 15:03 70 1 Reading time: 2 min. volga

Cardano developers successfully activated the Vasil fork on July 3rd.

The ADA altcoin is responding positively to improved network performance. The coin on Monday, July 4, rose in price to $0.451.

Currency capitalization increased to $15.182 billion this afternoon.

The fork was activated by Input-Output Global (IOG), which is responsible for the development of Cardano. After the update, the developers called on startups and exchanges to resume work on the blockchain, the throughput of which has increased significantly.

The last important event in the history of Cardano was the activation of the function to deploy smart contracts. After that, the creators of the cryptocurrency and the network began to attract projects representing the DeFi decentralized finance market.

The regular launch of the updated network is expected within the next few weeks.

Originally, the developers planned to release the Vasil update on June 29th. However, they decided to push back the fork due to the discovery of several bugs in the software.

According to DeFi Llama, the value of DeFi-funds locked on the basis of Cardano is now about $115.85 million. The largest amount of digital assets is accumulated in the WingRiders protocol, totaling up to $49.7 million.< /p>

Cardano reacts positively to Vasil fork activation

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